Model M - Set for sizziling on hot stone

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Model M - Set for sizziling on hot stone

STEAK ROCK is the perfect idea for a dish that will surprise guests during dinner or business meeting. You can prepare for it juicy steaks, flavorful seafood, healthy vegetables and many other interesting dishes.

Model M will perform well when you want to provide food accompanied by sauces or small accessories. Model M is perfect if you want to start your adventure with a barbecue on the stone. Suitable for use inside a home or apartment, as well as allow you to prepare an incredibly tasty and unusual food while grilling outdoors. Board in the Model M has a specially prepared place for 3 cups for sauces or small accessories. I take up little space which will allow free reign fantasy Chef and spice up the dish separately prepared additives.

Stone for grilling:

  • Our carefully selected stone, has enjoyed popularity among chefs worldwide. To fully take advantage of opportunities, heat it to a temperature of 280-350 degrees Celsius. At home, check out the oven (about 40 minutes), barbecue (about 35 minutes), gas stove or cooker (about 25 minutes). Spraying heated stone with a little water, check its temperature. If it evaporates immediately, you can start a culinary adventure. In our shop is available laser thermometer that accurately indicates the degree of heat.
  • In the case of commercial use, we recommend our offer with furnaces that in a quick and ergonomic way will warm a large number of stones at the same time.
  • Grilling on stone is very sound because it does not require the use of additional fat.
  • The stone is resistant to scratches, so you can cut the food on it directly. You decide the degree wysmażenia each subsequent piece.


Board of bamboo:

  • Bamboo - the most durable material, which during heavy use is not putting out.
  • Sets a barbecue on the stone STEAK ROCK have a BPS (Burn Protection System). It is specially designed shape of the boards and appropriately selected metal pad. BPS extends the life of the product and allows you to use the stone warmed up to 450 degrees Celsius.
  • Wooden elements are hand-finishing and impregnation of walnut oil strengthens resistance to dirt and makes the wood has a deep, natural color combined with impeccable smoothness.


Choosing STEAK ROCK guarantees you the highest quality materials.

All our products are covered by one year warranty - for the destruction of any of the items, it will be repaired or replaced.

The set includes:

Bamboo board 30x25cm
Lava stone 21x14cm
Metal plate
3 porcelain cups


Weight: 4.5 kg